ClariVein: The Non-Thermal Vein Ablation System

ClariVein® is the new Endovascular technique for the treatment of venous reflux disease; the procedure was pioneered in the USA along with internationally recognized surgeons from different countries.
This revolutionary device has significant benefits for Clinicians, Patients, and Health Care Providers:

  • Safe & effective technique with no need for tumescent anesthesia.
  • Eliminates the risk of nerve or skin damage or parathesia from thermal energy.
  • Excellent results by combining mechanical agitation and proven sclerosants.
  • Ideally suited for treatment of the great or small saphenous veins.
  • High patient comfort level and acceptance.
  • No staining observed.
  • Removes the need for catheter / guide wire exchanges, therefore reducing steps.

MOCA™ varicose vein treatment using the patented ClariVein catheter combines two methods of action:

    1. Mechanical agitation of the vessel endothelia by the rotating catheter tip.
    2. A sclerosant drug sprayed from the tip of the catheter as it is pulled back to ensure maximum effect.

The Non Thermal vein Ablation System

Safe & effective

Excellent clinical results

No thermal ablation – No risk of thermal injury

No nerve damage / Paraesthesia

No tumescent anesthesia

Minimal discomfort and minimal bruising

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